Just Another Meatless Monday!

So thanks to Beth from Stroller Strides and a few other Mama’s, I FINALLY did Bountiful Baskets! I am in produce HEAVEN!!!!

We got apples, oranges, strawberries, and pineapples for fruit. For veggies several tomatoes (making sauce), turnips, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, a butternut squash,green onion, & red bell peppers. I may have left something out! All organic!!!!!!

A lot of people do it once every 2 weeks, but I may do it once per week, since we are Vegetarian! We already ate one pineapple, 3 oranges, kale 2 of the 3 peppers, etc.

Tonight we had 2 red bell peppers stuffed with Org. brown rice, Org. onion, Org. kale, asiago, and some Quorn meatless meat.  SO good.


5 thoughts on “Just Another Meatless Monday!

  1. Unfortunately the Flagstaff location for Bountiful Baskets is only offered every 2 weeks. I’m glad you like the produce… I’ve been doing it since last summer and it is a huge money saver… our grocery bill is substantially reduced. Did you try the bread? We really like the 9 grain – 5 loaves for $10 and NO hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, etc.

    • I had heard it was once ever 2 weeks, but I heard a rumor (you know Flag), that it might have changed/be changing soon. Wishful thinking??? The bread isn’t organic, is it? Safeway O bread is good no garbage, and the bread is smaller, so portion control is built in! And my daughter wastes less if she can’t finish a sandwich!

  2. No, the bread is not organic. It is small like the Safeway O bread, though, which I love too. It freezes very well too.

    I talked with the organizer of the Flagstaff BB, and she said starting in May/June there will be another location in Flagstaff. I’m so excited… traveling to Cromer is the only part of BB I don’t like, as I am coming from the Ponderosa Trails area. She didn’t know where the second location would be, but said it will be at one of the schools. It *has* to be closer to me, no matter where it is, so I am excited.

    • Maybe that was the rumor I heard just passed through so many people it got distorted! I am your neighbor, I live in PT, too. I know the drive to Cromer takes a while from here, I was just happy the hubby was home so I was able to go sans active “spirited” toddler, who judging by the dirty looks I got in Target today, isn’t good in lines! I wonder if in addition to the new location, there will be a weekly p/u… we’ll see. Keep us posted!

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