Tuesdays Gone….

I know I have been sketch with doing my theme days. My CNA class is time consuming, and being sick hasn’t helped either…..

Here is something I found interesting. I really think in addition to crappy food, portion sizes are making people unhealthy and obese. I have posted about it before…The FDA make as companies to change labels portions. Have you ever looked a t the box and the portion is one cookie, but you know you will eat three? Well, obviously like Frito Lay says, you can’t just have one….

So do away with unrealistic portion sizes.  Have you ever measured a serving of cereal? Some are so small. But I usually have mine with berries and yogurt, so then it doesn’t seem like so little. Maybe we need to change our mindset to, so that a portion isn’t the obscene size plate you get at TGI Fridays and the like. Have you ever tries eating off of smaller plates? It helps, too.


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