Starting my New Year today!

DH bought and has assembled some new storage cabinets. Well, one needs to be finished and a bookcase moved, so the new storage cabinet can move there. So today, I am clearing/ dusting shelves on the bookcase we are now moving into DH’s “snore cave” AKA HIS bedroom… I love the smell of Method Wood for Good, smells like sweet almonds! I love cleaners that are non-toxic, and that work!

I have my 2010 Motivated Moms planner printed out, the MM’s 2 week meal planners printed for a few months, and I am playing with a few online grocery shopping lists. I will post opinions on those in the next few weeks, once I have figured which I like best. I am starting again. I fell off the wagon during the holidays, I mean really, how can I know how many calories are in my homemade cookies? 😉 I am using tools to organize and simplify my life… I ma much more motivated, not because of the new year, but because of finally starting to get our house in some sort of order. We are selling some furniture so we will have less stuff, the less stuff we have the better I feel. Stuff REALLY weighs you down.

I really need to get a job, and get DD is pre-school. We both need it.  DH and I need the money to sustain us until I get my degree in 4 years. I pretty much know that 1/2 of my earnings will go to childcare, and I am okay with that. She is so smart and curious, she would thrive in pre-school. At-home daycare doesn’t suit her well, especially with younger kids.  That was my first plan, but she dominated places like that, and “overwhelms” the daycare providers. I don’t want my child to be disruptive, and have adults that are frustrated with her, and possibly resent her. That isn’t fair to anyone, especially my DD…


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