New Prenatal Class from Stroller Strides….

Stroller Strides is offering a NEW prenatal fitness class- perfect for all moms-to-be!
Fit4Baby is an hour long total body workout appropriate for every fitness level and trimester of pregnancy. Each class focuses on cardio, strength, core, stability & balance- you will leave class sweaty, sore & happy! This is also a great place to meet other moms and talk about all of the joys of pregnancy.. 🙂
Staying or getting fit during your pregnancy has been found to reduce most common pregnancy complaints, decrease labor times and maternal exhaustion and contribute to healthy weight gain.
Fit4Baby will meet at the Flagstaff Aquaplex, in the movement room, Tues 5:30pm and Sat 9am. This is a moms only class, so please use the Aquaplex daycare if you need to! Each month-long session costs $35 if you are not an Aquaplex pass holder and $30 if you are.
Please register online here
or at the Aquaplex ASAP
Hope to see you there!
In Stride,
Beth Sabol, MS, Stroller Strides Certified Instructor
Franchise Owner & Instructor
phone | vm/ fax: 928.607.7817 / 800 971 2648

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