Trying to start a new thing…..

Any local Flagstaff/Northern Arizona crafters/artisans I would be happy to review your toys and age appropriate (2-4 year old) children’s products.  If you sew, woodwork, make cool stuff  etc. I would love to review your LOCAL products, and give my honest and my daughters honest opinions. Any products submitted would not be returned, as taking toys from a toddler, ain’t quite as easy as taking candy from a baby…

I would love to discover more locally made stuff for my daughter. Stuff that is eco-friendly and safe. I make tutu’s myself (I have been doing them for a few years) for my DD’s second B-day the theme was the Terrible Tutu’s (I made a tutu for all the girls at her party), and dabble in felt food (very fun), so I wouldn’t want to review those.  I have a sewing machine, a really nice one that was my dads, but no place to keep it, YET! DH and I are selling some furniture, so hopefully our home is in order soon. DH REALLY wants to learn to sew himself.

I am looking for reusable bags on ETSY…

As a side not, the Ziploc Evolve bags are so thin, having to use extras after they tear, more than negates the enviro-friendly factor.They do NOT get the FM seal of approval. 😦


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