Things are changing in our house!

So, DD has been getting out of her crib for a bit, and since our crib was involved in a recall, we have decided to just put her in a full bed…Her crib converts to a fullsize headboard/footboard, so we don’t have to buy that,  and since we wouldn’t be comfortable putting another baby in it, it gives it a new life.  Man, oh man, the decisions involved now, not to mention the COST!!!!!!!!!!

We want a decent mattress for her, one that will last and we are leaning towards latex, it seems to be safer and more environmentally friendly…The cost should come out to be about the same, or a bit less than conventional. With latex, you don’t need a box spring, so for kiddos they are lower, which is cool.  We have a down comforter, that should work… So now we have to pick colors for her room, pick a duvet cover, and get some sheets. We have decided to paint a tree on her wall.  Kinda like this vinyl on Etsy. DH is really artistic, and it should come out pretty cool. So the big thing to find is an organic duvet cover UNDER $100…

DH talked to his mom about helping us pay for this, and this is another time I know my parents would have stepped up to help, like grandparents do… My MIL said maybe, as if we were asking for some huge favor for us, when we are asking for her grandchild… She sent $50 for X-mas, which I appreciate, BUT a little more for the bed would REALLY help us out, too.

DD’s crib bedding was this pattern. by Glenna Jean. So very neutral, which I like. I hate pink, I really can’t stand frilly, cutesy, shabby chic, or prissy stuff. I also HATE character bedding, my daughter doesn’t need Dora, Barbie or some other giant Ad for crapola on her bed.


2 thoughts on “Things are changing in our house!

    • I can’t stand all of the commercial stuff. Turns kids into consumer machines “I want this, I want that”. I don’t get her character stuff and if someone else gets if for her I donate it.

      Thanks Lisa!

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