Book Review… Raising Your Spirited Child

“Raising Your Spirited Child” is a FABULOUS book. It is meant for caretakers of kids that are MORE! More…

Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic

My DD is “that kid”. The one that can’t sit still, that is louder than the rest, more energetic… The one that throws temper tantrums in the grocery store where people look in horror. The one that has to touch EVERYTHING, that refuses to sit in the cart, the one that talks to everyone.  There is a test in the book, and using a scale I determined both she and I are “spirited”. I remember as a kid, and still get this on occasion, the NEED to move my legs as if there were ants in my pants. Two spirited people, two Taurus people buy they can butt heads… This book is really great for the 10-15% of unique kids that are “more”.  You don’t feel like you are the only parent facing a more challenging child.

People love/hate me. I am the friend that will tell you if your dress makes your butt look big, that will tell you to change your haircut, etc. I am brutally honest.  The reason I LOVE blogging is I can say whatever I want, and I can hide behind an online persona.  I see a lot of myself in my DD. She is persistent, sensitive, and energetic.

Back to my DD…To her credit she is VERY intelligent , is incredibly perceptive, loves animals, can be helpful, her vocabulary is incredible, and she is REALLY cute. But she is exhausting, really exhausting. We have almost every cabinet in the kitchen childproofed, even some ABOVE the counters, as she used her Learning Tower to stand on the counter to get cookies… She doesn’t listen, more accurately she is so easily distracted she doesn’t follow the directions she is given, she refuses to hold my hand in store saying “I hold my OWN hands” and does. She has an energy level that is INCREDIBLY high, she is like a tornado, or a bee…. When she is ON she is ON.

I have had mother’s tell me she probably has ADHD, that Ritalin is great for kids like her, no joke. People call her “crazy”, “wild” ,”hyper”, but I know she is special, in a good way. She is potty trained, can count to 14, knows her abc’s, is sounding letters out all at 2 1/2. She remember a pair of sunglasses she lost 6 months ago. So, if you have THAT child, the one that is so charming but so challenging, you should def get this book!


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