I am going to have theme days on the ol’ blog. And I decided to use song titles, I know total dork….

I have done Meatless Monday’s and Focus Friday’s but neither consistently.So excuse me if I falter… Just Another Meatless Monday- Recipes Tuesday’s Gone- Things I dislike Waiting for Wednesday- Things I am excited about trying/coming out/seeing, etc. Any Given Thursday-Things I have been doing/reading/watching, etc. Friday I’m in Love- My Fav things I Love Saturday- […]

New Years Resolutions…

So I am not really into New Years Revolutions… I like having goals, but I think setting goals once is year is setting yourself up for disappointment. Example: You want to lose 20 lbs, so you make that a resolution. So how  are you going to lose 20 lbs in a year? If you break […]

Trying to start a new thing…..

Any local Flagstaff/Northern Arizona crafters/artisans I would be happy to review your toys and age appropriate (2-4 year old) children’s products.  If you sew, woodwork, make cool stuff  etc. I would love to review your LOCAL products, and give my honest and my daughters honest opinions. Any products submitted would not be returned, as taking […]