Cyber Monday deal!


free magazine ever/any bag ($28 retail) and FS over $100!!!!!!
This is the best deal I have EVER seen on ecoist.

Good today only!!!

Ecoist repurposes M&M, Coke, Luna, etc. bar wrappers into purses with fair trade labor into COOL purses. I have an ever/any and LOVE it. It isn’t very big though…I am getting the Socorro (my X-mas gift from DH) made of 700+ soda can pull tabs! And a bracelet for my bff, and a M&M vintage coin purse. I needed to qualify for the $100+

Any yippie (yuppy+hippie) chics on your shopping list? These make GREAT gifts!!

At checkout enter code: CYBERMONDAY      In the notes section, after you enter your address, mention the free clutch and they will ship it out.It is not showing on its own, so I called CS. With $100+ purchase.

So for $105 I got, theses plus a bracelet, which I won’t post, as the BFF getting it could see it!Usually the Socorro bag is $98 all by itself. This was a GREAT deal! So this is my X-mas gift. $100 is over what we usually spend, but hey DH got a TV and TV stand. Mind you his current bedroom TV is over 10 years old…


Beth from SS NEEDS a Luna bag, SO perfect for her!


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