Getting ready to place the last order for DD’s Holiday gifts….

I was hoping that my in-laws were going to offer to buy DD some gifts. For her last B-day my MIL got her 2 gifts she already had…. I still have them sitting in my house, as she bought them from a local store in another state. I tried CL, but no one bought them…I feel bad, like that $ could have bough something DD could use or needed. I have told her a million times, ask before you buy! It was Green Toys, so she got the eco factor right, but now I have more clutter in my house… I am really picky about DD’s toys, for good reason, I don’t want my kid playing with lead and crap. She gave us $$ for a kitchen last year, which was great. I hate telling people what to get her though, I feel demanding and bossy (which I am a bit 🙂 ). DD doesn’t have tons of toys, but the ones she has are more$$$ than most.

So I am going to buy the Grimm’s Spiel stuff and the art supplies from by next week. I am still hoping for some BF deals. It will be $150ish, and on one income….

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