ATTN: Ponderosa Trails residents! Suspicious vehicle!

There was an incident after school on Thursday, Nov. 19 involving a
suspicious white van. The van was traveling north on S. Wild West Trail at
approximately 3:00 pm in front of the field at the park. A man in the van
honked and eventually stopped in the middle of the street in an attempt to
talk to a child riding a bike south bound on the sidewalk. The man rolled
down his passenger window and then proceeded to exit the van in an ongoing
attempt to talk to the child. The child never stopped or talked to the
man. The man had to get back into his van when another car pulled up
behind him. The van then continued north on S. Wild West Trail. A police
report has been filed and the police are patrolling the Ponderosa Trails
area. The van is an older white utility van with rust and lots of writing
on the side. There are rack runners on top and double doors on the back.
The windows on the back are dark.


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