Almost done with DD’s wardrobe for next year.

I bought shorts and stuff from Target, ON, M&M’s, etc. in a 4t (DD is 2 1/2, but large). I have 10 or so outfits, that I figure I got for under $50. Lately I have been checkin’ out Target’s fall stuff, pretty cheap! I got jeans for $2.48! Gap had some great deals, too. The Target stuff is mostly play clothes for home. I get Gap, Gymbo, etc. for going out. I find by shopping ahead a year, I save tons of $$$$$$$!!!!!!!!

This way too, I can find shoes, as I know the outfits I will have to work with. I have a  pair of Pediped’s for springsummer, and a pair of Pediped boots for next fall/winter.Both in brown. I usually get one pair of brown and one pair of black per size.  Guessing shoe sizes is a bigger gamble though!


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