BPA BPA are you everywhere?

From The Soft Landing, and if you recall I posted my concern about Gaiam bottles a few weeks ago. They tested as being WORSE, considerably worse than SIGG. POOP ON GAIAM! I used to buy stuff from them, no more, I am Girlcotting Gaiam!

And Earth’s Best uses BPA in their cans… Is it really so hard to make spaghetti for your kids, that you buy canned? REALLY???????? Boil water, add pasta, toss in sauce. I guess nowadays that is too much trouble. This world of convenience is literally killing us! According to this blog, Japan has an alternative to BPA lined cans , and has used it since 1998.

I have no canned food in my house, not ONE can, not ONE! I urge you to do the same. Go Old School with me!


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