One of my Pet Peeves…

I was at the park yesterday with a playgroup. There was a mom with a few kids talking to some other moms. I noticed the kids when a little girl, about 4, yelled at my daughter and kicked her when my daughter touched her trike. Then another mom I know said one of her other kids full on pushed her daughter with BOTH hands. Then I saw the trike girls get snappy with another girl from our group, the little girl I know had a different look on her face than she had seconds before. A WTH just happened look, like she was hit. Then trike girl hit a boy her age from our group, just as I told his mom to watch out.

Please watch you kids at the park. I am all for mom time when kids are playing, but still watch your kids. The mom had to know they are aggressive kids.  Discipline your kids when they hit, it is never okay. I want to know where these kids learned to be SO aggressive?????? If my daughter hits someone, not too common, I talk to her about it she gives a hug and says sorry. At home she gets a TO, even for hitting a dog.  I can’t stand parents that ignore the poor behavior of their kids.


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