My Road Trip, Lessons from the Road.

So my BIL died, and we had to go to Boise. This was Tuesday night, the Funeral was Sat. Not much time to plan a trip. The plane tix would have been like $600, so BANK for 3 people. So we drove…. 850 miles each way total broken into 2 travel days….The Flagstaff to SLC leg was long 550 miles, in one day. And then PC to FLG, in one day….

  • So for the first time, I tried wound up in the Hilton SLC for $89, it was $199 on travel sites. I am not a fan of major hotels, Hilton or Marriott. So much $$$ for so little amenities. The rooms are small, bare bones, etc. Great for conferences, but not for families. It was okay for $89, but not more.
  • I like one-bedroom suites. My Dh snores like a mofo, so we sleep separate. Yes, even at home. I also like the room, esp. for a toddler that is used to living in a 2,000 sft. home. I like free b-fast, MUCH easier with a toddler, plus those mini cereal boxes are great for later/on the road. Plus you can get enough milk for the day, fruit, coffee, muffins, etc. All keep well for later in a suite, since you have a fridge!  We stayed at the Homewood Suites Boise, $99/night. I LOVED this hotel, except the pool was too chilly. Our room was very nice, full kitchenette, good size bathroom, granite counters in bath/kitchen. Good free b-fast.
  • So, we were in Boise, and booked our next leg there (free internet is also a must for me ), in PARK CITY,UT!!!!!!!SLC was pricey, and I was put off from Priceline, plus I wanted to see something different. PC is 30 miles from SLC, so voila a mini-mini-vacay. I got a 950 sft. suite for $74!!!!! Summitt Watch by Marriott was fab, tons of stuff for kids, and a washer/dryer in unit with detergent. It was SO  nice. A timeshare property, so we had a washed dryer, kitchen, etc. B-fast was not included, BUT for $74/nite in Park City, who cares!!!! My DD and I went dancing during Park Silly Sunday Market, which was SO FUN!  She kept sing Billy idol’s Rebel Yell, “more, more, more” and dancing after we left, then we walked around Main Street til 11:30 with Dad. It was amazing! DD tried to do a somersault “break dancing”, in front of the DJ booth. She loved the song “Where’s your Head at” , and kept pointing to her head. It was hilarious. She got a glow stick from a guy dancing with her, and danced with a bunch of people, she was the life of the party.

Travel tips…

  1. Bring a neck pillow, blanket, and “friend” for the kiddo, and a pillow for the adults. Pack a bag just for the car.
  2. Bring Ziploc bags, in all sizes. SO many uses.
  3. Bring a cooler with real food, not just snacks.  Put dry stuff in a reusable bag, and put other stuff in a Ziploc, to keep it from getting soggy. Refill ice at hotels.
  4. Bring water and oil for your car JIC!
  5. Do laundry, and pack less. My BEST piece of advice. Bring a bag from home with a scoop and powder detergent, enough for a few loads.
  6. Instead of packing suitcases for everyone, pack an easy to carry one with jammies, wears, socks, a change of clothes, etc. for short stays. You can always refill it from  your individual suitcases.
  7. Look up restaurants ahead on yelp, tripadvisor, citysearch, etc. I found a great place in SLC ahead of time, mins. from our hotels. Toasters Deli was FAB I WISH we had on in Flag!
  8. Bring extra food container, sippy cups, etc.
  9. Print all directions from Yahoomaps or the like.  To the hotels, from the hotels, to restaurants, etc. Keep in a file folder.
  10. Keep camera, camcorder, wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers, sunscreen, etc in a little bag in the front seat. East access! We also brought our toilet ring for DD for the road and hotels. DD peed in the Utah countryside,  via her ring. Oh, and bring a roll of TP, too.

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