What is Triclosan you ask???? Why an EPA Registered Pesticide silly!!!

As we are coming into Flu Season especially with Swine Flu scaring the crud outta people, anti-bacterial agents are going to be quite popular.  Do you know what you are using though?  Triclosan in TOOTHPASTE, no matter how little is in your toothpaste, IT IS A PESTICIDE in your MOUTH! Barf! It is found in rivers and streams, breast milk, and human urine!

Here is a link to a CDC article citing concern for the use of Triclosan!

More info from The EWG!

I have never bought anti-bacterial soap. I use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint Soap (with a touch of Tea Tree Oil during Cold/Flu season) watered down in a foaming soap dispenser. I use Clean Well Hand Sanitizer.

Say No to Triclosan!


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