Am I the only one that thinks of the Duggar’s Carbon Footprint????? 19 kids?!?!

Let me start by saying I am in no way saying that these kids shouldn’t be here on this Earth.  This has nothing to do with being anti-Christian, or anti-family. I am Flagstaff MAMA, I am a mom. I realize family size is a personal decision. My concern is this….

They will have at least 19 kids, there kids are likely to have large families, as proved by their son and his wife getting pregnant within months of getting married. Math is NOT my subject but here it goes.

My hubby and I will have 2 kids max. Let’s asume DC1 has an average number of kids for our family 2, DC2 has 3, that’s is 5 grandchildren.

Duggars, lets assume, and I think this number is conservative for them, they each have 5, that is  95 grand kids. Can you see where I am going with this? They will consume more fuel, more food, more resources than my family will. Now I have heard the argument that she makes her own laundry soap, which is good for the earth (she has said she does it to save $$$$, helping the planet is just a result of her trying to save $$$) , BUT it takes a lot more water, and energy to wash clothes for 21 people than it does my family of 3. I used cloth diapers, she uses DISPOSABLES, can you imagine how many diapers that will use???? And that their grandkids, and so on will use?

I have MAJOR issues with their politics and child rearing “philosophies”. Jim Bob wanted to pass legislation requiring a 24-hour waiting period and an ULTRSOUND prior to getting an abortion in Arkansas!

The use blanket training with their kids. Can you imagine training you baby they could only stay in one little spot and ” switching” them if they moved?

They used to links to the Pearls, which is the way they “train up” their kids….Obedience training they call it, are they dogs or people?


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