Excited to see Ponyo with my DD.

Hayao Miyazaki is a great filmmakers.  We love Spirited Away (maybe a bit scary) and we watch My Neighbor Totoro with DD more than any movie besides March of the Penguins and Iron Giant ,DD says wobot movie,(one of the great American animated movies). Our DD adores Totoro, and although the “bus cat” may seem a bit scary, she loves it. We have most Disney movies, but I prefer the older ones usually. Movies today are crap. Really most are. I will keep my DD from watching Dora & Hannah Montana type commercial junk as long as I can.  It breeds commercialism. I want that shirt, toy, etc. because ____ character is on it.  Most of the toys recalled???? Dora and the like. Cheap plastic crappola.  I want my DD to appreciate quality VS quantity, and that includes quality entertainment!

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