Where the F Bomb is the Monsoon??????????????

I am so sick of the lack of rain this summer!I LOVE monsoon season, as I LOVE rain. We are getting jipped this year!

I guess it is a bit better since my husband has to tear apart our shed, and rebuilt it. My DD is yelling at my DH crying telling  him”don’t break it” as he demos the old shed. I feel so bad, my poor hubby is literally spending all his free time doing this. The person that built it put it too close to the fence, and in a spot we really didn’t want it in, and our lovely neighbors have since called the City and the HOA REPEATEDLY raising HE!!, basically thinking we put it there on purpose to be a-holes , not realizing we don’t want it there either. So not the case. The floor is bowing really bad, and the door won’t close on it ever, so my dogs are always getting in it chewing stuff.  It has put so much stress on us, especially my hubby, it is a huge ordeal. Constantly worrying about getting letters from the HOA, and having our neighbor threatening us calling us nasty names…. I cannot wait for this all to be over!


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