The Mechanic called…

He found less than $1,000 in repairs. Bringing the total for the car  to around $6,400. Registration was under $100.Still a smoking deal! He said the car is solidly built, and was incredibly well maintained.It just needs a new sensor, and a few other things. He is the nicest mechanic! He ran the diagnostics in front of me, looked them up on the computer in front of me, and looked up the parts cost in front of me.  He even said there was a tiny leak I could wait on, but I told him to just do it now. I was instantly comfortable with him, he explained everything, offered my daughter and I bottled water, offered to give us a ride home, etc. He is a younger guy with two kiddos, so he knows what its like! He didn’t talk to me like I was an idiot because I am a woman.  When I get my car back, and I can see the work he did…. I will be giving him the FM Seal of Approval and give out his name and number!


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