So, I found a car I REALLY want…

So looking for a car for UNDER $8,000 has really been a learning experience. I looked at getting a 2003 Honda Ody for $8,000, and guess what? The trannies SUCK, really bad. It is pretty much a given that by 100,000 miles you will have replaces the tranny at least once. Then I looked at a 2003 Subie Outback, MAJOR reported issues with that, too. So, I learned that no matter the reputation, all cars have some issues. The car we want is UNDER $6,000 and has over 100,000 miles, yes at some point it will have a problem. I put less than 10,000 miles per year on my car, so it would be 7 years before I am at 200,000 miles. The car is in the Valley, and I HOPE it is snatched up before I can get it. It is 10 years old and was $50,000. It is FULLY loaded, and the pics are really great. The car looks VERY clean, and has never been in an accident. It was a corporate fleet car, maybe some famous Exec drove it! LOL.

SO, np matter what I get, it will have an issue at some point, there is no prefect car. Lesson learned. BUT, I am getting a good car for under $5,500 and will not have a car payment! A car with leather, seats 7, has heated front and rear seats, dual climate, sunroof, is very safe, AWD,6 disc changer Bose stereo, real wood interior, etc. With good maintenance cars can go for longer than most people think. We are hoping this car lasts us 5-10 years. ANd the best part, cars this age have already done the bulk of their depreciating…

Think good thoughts for me, we even like the color!


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