TLC halts production of Jon&Kate=Hate

Thank goodness! Those poor kids, I mean their life is falling to pieces for the world to see. TLC has lost a lot of respect in my book, and I imagine the only reason they are halting production is the media backlash against them, not to do the right thing.


2 thoughts on “TLC halts production of Jon&Kate=Hate

  1. I wish they would stop the multiples/ridiculous amount of kids shows all together. I think it helps ‘breed’ irresponsibility. why not have 19 kids, I’ll get a tv show & free stuff…

    • I agree 100%! They are basically using their kids as cash cows! Kinda like OctoMom. Kids should not be made to grow up on TV, I fee it could cause irreparable psychological damage. And to see their parents divorce info on TV one day, really sad.

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