Eddie Bauer filing for Bankruptcy Protection….


A sign of the times…. If I had a GC to EB I would use it immediately. If they have to liquidate, GC do not have to be honored.

In some ways the closing of store like EB, Circuit City, L-n-T, Sharper Image,etc are a good think. Consumers today have too many options, and too many ways to waste cash. It kinda goes back to my ” the 1950’s were a better time” as far as lifestyle and spending. I see us getting to a place where buying    a home is  a big deal, and people pay cash for more things.  People drive smaller less costly cars, waste less. Kids (gasp) get a gift or 2 for the holidays and don’t leave Target every week with a new toy. My DD gets a big gift from us for her b-day and Festivus/X-mas, such as a doll house, play set, etc. Then some little things, under $50. I think this X-mas she may get a dollhouse, with G-ma’s help, and a Grimm Holz toy.  The less you have the more you appreciate what you do have.

DH got Wii and Wii Fit for my B-day/ Mother’s Day/ Father’s day. We get really inexpensive things for each other for X-mas.

So this Dada’s Day he is getting a DVD, and a tie. Every year I get him a REALLY UGLY tie! Last year it was blue with pink and purple sunflowers….


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