Good News, at least so far….

Our appraisal came through over where we needed it to. Interest rates have gone up which sucks, but they are still  1% less than our current rate. I want more than anything to get a huge deck built this year, and if our refi closes, we can get the deck!!! And I am getting a Learning Tower, for $160 I can get something that allows my DD to be counter height for years to come. Plus, you get half your money back when you resell it! We just returned my leased (I  know leasing is stupid) car, so we are a one car family, until the refi closes.  I found a car I like for $10,000 on CL, but that is too much! Our cash out amount isn’t that much, so we can’t just buy any car. I used to spend $30, 000 on a car, no biggie. Now we are looking at paying less that $20,000 for my hubby’s current car and my future car. Man, oh man, how priorities change! I want something safe, AWD, with a decent carbon footprint, and no bigger that we will need on a regular basis. I sat in the back of my DH’s sedan with the Recaro car seat, which is big, so it’s doable. Remember the days before SUV’s?


2 thoughts on “Good News, at least so far….

    • Isn’t it funny to think of life without SUV’s? Although back then we sat in the back of station wagons without seat belts! We only have one kiddo, and have no plans for another in the future, so a sedan or wagon is big enough for us. Although buying used, beggars can’t be…Our lender says it should close next week. We bough over 5 years ago, so we still have equity. Our house has dropped $60,000 since the peak, I just hope it picks up in the next few years, so we can sell!

      Thanks for the congrats, we will be thrilled to have a usable backyard, it is all rocks and weeds right now!

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