In the process of doing a refi….

And boy have things changed! Credit scores have to be MUCH higher, house appraisers actually want to look IN your house (which they should have always done), and it is harder to take cash out!

To get the full amount we want out, our appraisal neds to come in at a certain amount, hope it does! Send positive thoughts my way! We could really use a deck, and a second car!


2 thoughts on “In the process of doing a refi….

  1. I work for an appraisal company and appraisers have always had to go inside the house unless the lender ordered an Exterior Only (2055) appraisal. The standard interior/exterior appraisal is a 1004 Full.

    Good luck!

    • A lot of times in the past, lenders ordered exterior appraisals, which with the looser lending was sufficient. I used to work for a Mortgage Lender, and unfortunately “DBA’s” Drive By Appraisals and questionable lending practices in the past are now making it harder for those of us that were responsible. We put around 50% down on our house, so we are house rich and cash poor!

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