My new obsession! Also, how I save $ on groceries and plan meals…

I love healthy, fresh, vegetarian cooking. This site is amazing, really great recipes! REALLY great!

Every Tuesday night or Wednesday Morning I go to and I pick the best deals on items we eat (being a Veg. cuts out like 50% of the ad) and make a meal plan from it. I WISH that NF’s had a website with their ad, but I have to go to the store, get it, take it home circle my favs with a Sharpie, then do my blog list (letting ya’ll know what gets the FM Seal of Approval ). I plan my meals from Wednesday to Wednesday… I am very fond of 3×5 index cars (have you noticed yet), and use them to organize my grocery shopping items. This is how I do it:

  1. On  the front (unlined side) I write the name of a recipe
  2. On the back (lined side) I write the ingredient list AKA all the items I need to make the recipe including the quantity, type, etc.

This way I can grab the card and take it to the store with me, and if  I am at a loss for what to cook, I can look through my cards and see what recipes I can make from items I have on hand. I store the cards in a cheapie index card holder from the Target dollar section.

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