I am watching Jon & Kate + Hate

Hmmmm…. First I feel that opening your home and exposing your kids to the limelight for money is not something I would ever do.  I could lie and say I never judge other families, but it would be just that, a lie. People naturally judge others. “Did you see what X was wearing”, “X gained/lost weight” , etc. But, when you put your life out for the world to see, you invite judgement.

I, like many,  have always though she was rather unpleasant to him. This episode she was passive aggressive, while before she was just plain blunt.She ignored him at the party, besides saying  “Jon take off your sunglasses”. She is one bossy gal!  She keeps complaining about the paparazzi. I think the paparazzi should never target people with their children, but they do, and she had to have known the risk, because she doesn’t strike me as being naive. Physically Jon looks pretty much the same. What’s up with his midlife crisis car? She looks TOTALLY different , different hair color and style, plastic surgery (which after 8 kids I could totally see), she wears much more make-up, and dresses totally different. No one can know what is going on besides them, but neither of them seem to be happy. I feel really sorry for their kids, for being made to grow up on TV, and because their parents are having issues. In the beginning of the shows he worked and she stayed home, I am sure the role reversal is hard on him. She is always putting him down, I feel bad for him. Hmm… Just my rambling thoughts while watching…. TLC helped them buy their home, pay for help taking car of the kids, pays for vacations, etc. But the cost to their family is so much more…At the end they seemed a bit better when they BBQ’d. They have BOTH been accused of cheating, and while I think he made mistakes going out and partying with girls, she isn’t perfect either… She seems very self involved, and focused on HER career, for a woman who quit a job as a nurse to be a SAHM. Meanwhile they agreed he would work, and I am not sure he wanted to stay home, but as he said he didn’t make the decision…


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