FM’s Friday Focus…

Taking care of business. The past few years have been crazy! I inherited a houseful of stuff. Literally a 1500 square foot house and a garage full of stuff. Trying to squeeze all of that into a 1,900 square foot house, not easy. Some of the stuff I am donating, I have already donated 20 or so bags of clothes and household goods. Some of it is tools that were quite expensive, and we are SLOOOWWWLLYY selling those off. And since we have decided to put having another baby on hold, until I am out of school, we are selling baby stuff. Literally my front room is being used as a CL storage location. I am a clean and organized person, and the clutter and mess have taken their toll on me. I can only list a few things on CL at  a time, as the phone calls, e-mails, and appointments are time consuming. So getting rid of the “stuff” (and I hate stuff) is slow going.  I have a few bags in the back of my car that I will donate next week. So that gets rid of some stuff. I inherited a “faux flex”, like a Bow Flex, that I am trading a friend for a dog house this weekend.

It is so much harder for me to concentrate on school and everything with the chaos in our house. It really makes it hard to have people over. There is so little space in our living areas to socialize, so it has put a damper on our social life, and on that of our DD.  It is very frustrating. We are living in a house much too small, when sometimes I just want to get rid of everything and move into a quaint little place downtown. I dream of living downtown!