Having trouble getting organized?

Spring has got me thinkin! I am pretty organized, I just don’t always follow through.

Here are 2 ways to keep your chores in order, especially good for us SAHM/WAHM

~ Write each item on a 3×5, store them in a small plastic file folder (like a coupon one). Label with each day of the week, once a week, and once a month. Example:

Clean Bathroom (on front)        on the back  (in list form), write what that chore entails ie. scrub toilet, clean shower,etc.

From here there are two option assign each chore to a specific day, OR randomly grab one and then do it that day. Once it is done move the index card from the storage file to the day of the week it was done. Make sense?

The other way, is to download a chore calender from Microsoft Word online, or design your own. Print it out and write the chores in, or the way mine is set up … I fill in the day the pre-printed chore is done. Look at Microsoft online….

I use Franklin Covey Plan Plus software on my desktop, great program !!!! It syncs to my Palm Pilot, too!


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