Sex Offender Notification

Sex offender notification Detectives with the Flagstaff Police Department would like to make the following Level 3 (high risk to the community) sex-offender notification: // <![CDATA[// = 1231286400) && (nAdsysTime // <![CDATA[// Lucio A. Gurulee, 48, is living at 2818 E. Route 66, No. 111. He was convicted in 1981 of sexual assault of a […]

Riddle of the day…

What pays for itself, and starts making you $$$$ after 20 uses? Why a reusable shopping bag of course! The $1 bags at grocery stores pay for themselves in 20 uses when used at either Bashas or NF’s . Safeway is a bit slow on paying it forward in this case… So, what is stopping […]

Prop 8 in CA… NO H8

Being FM, since my identity is secret to many I get to be pretty vocal, without offending some of my more conservative acquaintances IRL. One thing that has always puzzled me was when straight people think gay marriage makes marriage somehow less meaningful. I am pretty darn secure in my marriage, and no one elses […]

My thoughts on playfood….

So we LOVE our Plan Toys non-toxic, reclaimed wood kitchen. We got a few brands of food to use with it. Here are my thoughts…. Plan Toys- I LOVE ALL OF THEIR STUFF PERIOD! Melissa and Doug- They have really cute sets, we love the Cookies, Suchi, and Birfday Cake.They don NOT hold up well […]