Stubby Pencil Studio!!!

I am IN LOVE with Stubby Pencil Studio!!!!!

Since my DD is getting an easel for her B-Day, and she loves to be creative, I went on a search for eco-feindlt art supplies. I have said before how Crayola’s contain “rendered beef fat”, eewww. Being a veggie not too cool to have you kid eating meat stuff. Plus it just sounds gross.

I then fell in love with Crayon Rocks, made with soy.I love the Prang Soy Crayons, too. And the E-colorgy Washable Markers!

base_border imagebase_border image base_border image

16 Crayon Rocks for $6.95                  $1/8 colors         $3/16 colors                         $3.95 for 8 markers

base_border imagebase_border imagebase_border image

$9.95                                   $7.95 for the set                                       $10.95 for 12

base_border image

$19.95 in either a 16″ or a 20″ size

I ADORE this Apron!!!!  It is made from recycled juice boxes, wipes clean, and made by a women’s Fair Trade Co-Op.


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