Spring cleaning for the soul

Spring is a time of rebirth, a time to take inventory and see what is or isn’t working for you.

As I get older I value things and people differently. I am cleaning out my “friend” closet. Do you ever have “friends” where you feel the friendship is one sided? You always calling or e-mailing them? I do… I am done investing time into people that can’t find the time to do the same for me. Or people that gossip about you, your financial situation, parenting style, etc. I have heard from several people how rich I am, which is funny because we live on one income, and I am going to school via student loans. Never mind the fact that I am going back to work soon. We are lucky, we bought our house in 2004, before the prices skyrocketed. So our house is worth more today, maybe leading some to believe I am rich. I wish money weren’t an issue!!!!! I wouldn’t be in school, wouldn’t be going back to work, we could afford a home that fits our family,etc. Hearing friends say you are rich, when you aren’t is a bit amusing…. I really wonder what makes people think that, and then go tell mutual friends?????

I would rather have a few really good friends, rather than many acquaintances. I guess that goes along with the way I live the rest of my life. Quality VS Quantity, quality always wins with me.


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