Such a cool concept. I am thinking of doing this for my DD’s B-day.

So you send out and e-mail invite through ECHOage.com People can give money, half to one big gift for your child, the other half to a charity you chose. So say the chose $10. 15% is an admin fee to the company, the other 85% is split 50/50 between a gift, and a charity.

The things I like are

  • Teaching your child to give.
  • Getting less stuff. One gift your child will use a lot is much better than 10. I like less, better quality stuff. One nice thing as opposed to a bunch of little things. Ya’ll know I hate stuff!
  • This is an environmentally choice. People don’t have to drive (using gas) to go to Target, no wrapping paper, no gift packaging, etc.
  • I think as a parent it is easier, when you know what to get someone. Let’s face it after a BDay party for our child a good portion of the stuff will never be used/worn. Can you say wasteful? I always ask parents what their child would like, but not everyone does. I feel guilty knowing I will never use some thing, and I feel wasteful.
  • It also eliminates the feeling of keeping up with the Joneses. I had a friend tell me last week, how she didn’t want to bring the cheapest gift to a party we were both attending. If people give on-line, no one knows who spent what.

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