So, I was talking to some moms at a playdate….

We were all talking about parenting styles. Some moms feel like if they don’t cloth diaper or the like, they don’t fir in with one group. No one should feel bad for not cloth diapering, it is a personal choice. Then there was talk of one moms group, I was asking because I was thinking of joining. Apparently this group is a bit more religious than some like, and that is s turn off for some (myself included).

The group of gals I was talking to was varied. I like them all. They are nice people and good moms!  Who cares if one is more conservative, or if they don’t cloth diaper? They do what works for them and their families, as they should. Parenting isn’t a one size fits all thing.

I am a bit more “crunchy” than some, but that is my right as a parent, to do things the way that works for me.  We are vegetarians, I CD, I have BF for 2 years, I buy organic food, I use paraben and phalalte free personal care products, I use natural cleaning products, recycled garbage bags, paper towels and TP. I know I am a bit more extreme than some. I know some people thinks tse things are weird. You are STILL Bf’ing????? Eww cloth diapers???? You DON’T eat meat, what DO you eat????

I hope no one feels bad when they read this blog, and they don’t do things the way I advocate. That was never my intention. This is the way I live my life, and this is the window into a crunchy mama’s home. I hope this may enlighten people to other ways of doing things, and broaden their horizons. I get to vent here, about things that bug me. This is the extreme left version of me.  I do the things I say on here, I am just not as vocal about them in my everyday life. If you saw me IRL, you might not be able to pick me out of a lineup, I don’t look super crunchy…..

I am not saying I am a perfect mom either, no one is. We have a TV and , gasp, my DD watches a bit of it! I am addicted to caffeine, and drank it while I was BF’ing, still do! My DD asks for coffee every morning.  I mean I have my faults, too.


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