Possible Swine Flu Case at NAU.

So, yeah. And it wasn’t like she went to Mexico on break either. I have company ion town all week, so I am playing tourist. I am trying to be more vigilent about hand washing and using my Clean Well Sanitizer. You can’t stop living life, but you can be more diligent. Advertisements

Happy Earth Day!

Please, on this day think about Mother Earth and the little things you can do to show your love for her. Why not~ Use CFL bulbs Use reusable shopping bags By cruelty-free personal care RECYCLE!!!! It amazes me how few people recycle Pick up garbage at the park Use Stainless reusable water bottles These are […]

Earth Day is tomorrow…

Are you still using plastic bags? I hope not! Not only are they bad for the environment and wildlife, they are everywhere! I get so sick of seeing them in trees, on the side of the road, etc. It looks really trashy. Flag is a pretty aware, green city. I am shocked at the number […]

What is in your water????

Why, tons of prescription drugs of course! This is so gross! Our kids drink this water. Bottled water? Mostly from municipal AKA city water sources anyway. And they want to use reclaimed water on the Peaks, which is even worse??? If you haven’t read the info about using reclaimed water, you really should asexual fish […]

Childhood Obesity is linked to Phalates and other chemicals in plastics.

http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/17/child-obesity-is-linked-to-chemicals-in-plastics/?partner=rss&emc=rss I have been concerned about phalates an BPA’s since I had my daughter. I use all BPA and phalate free cups and dinner ware for her. I also use phalate free skincare/haircare for her. Everyone in my house including my hubby uses phalate free skincare.  This is scary stuff man!