Before I was a mom….

They say having kids changes you… I have REALLY changed. I would have never thought I would use cloth diapers, BF for 2 years,  raise a veggie child, care about parabens, etc.

  • I used to wear expensive nice clothes, although that tapered off, upon moving to Flag. It really tapered off after having my DD.
  • I used to use department store skincare/cosmetics, mostly Chanel. Now I use paraben, phalate, cruelty free stuff! 😉
  • I used to love Tide, now the though of  all of the chemicals makes me sick! I now love Country Save, Borax, Vinegar, etc.
  • I used to have a clean, I mean OCD clean house, now spending time with my DD is a far bigger priority.
  • I used to eat meat…. Now, ugghhh no way!
  • I used to care more about driving a nice car, now I just want a 4 wheel drive Subie!
  • I used to want a big fancy house for DH and I . Now I want room for all of DD’s cool Plan Toys stuff!
  • I used to care more about what people though of me, and how I looked. Now I care more about how DD looks!
  • I want to save more, spend less.
  • Have less, enjoy what I have more.
  • My hair color is it’s natural color for the first time in over a decade.

These are just a few of the changes I see in myself…


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