What has or is preventing you from using Cloth Diapers?

I am curious, as to why more people, especially in a place like Flag are not using cloth?

Is it upfront cost? Trust me you save A LOT of $$$$. I spent less than $200 for all of my diapers and wipes. Making my own wipe solution has saved me tons of $$$$, too.

Is it the “ewww factor”? Trust me not so bad. You either throw a sposie away (where human waste sits in landfills and eventually, along with the chemicals from the diapers seep into our water supply), or you toss the poop in the toilet, or throw a pee pee diaper into a pail. Then every other day, you take the pail liner, put the diapers in the washing machine, without ever touching them, and wash. I do a cold water rinse, followed by a hot/cold pre-soak wash, then throw in the dryer. Yes, it uses water and energy. So does manufacturing and transporting sposies, so that point is moot. Once you get used to cloth, it is really simple. They make liners for #2’s. Biodegradable, flushable ones. They sell them locally at Babies to Kids.

I just wonder. In the beginning I used Sposies, Seventh Gen, which is a bit better. Chlorine used in regular sposies creates Dioxin pollution, which is nasty stuff! I didn’t start with them, as I had no idea how. No one I knew used them, and I just didn’t have the knowledge.

I am very curious as to why more people don’t use them… Any input from FM Readers?


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