I love this idea…

Family Dinners is such a great concept.  I haven’t tried a full meal yet, they don’t have many veggie options, although they have a few fish meals (I don’t eat fish). I have heard really good things, and tried a salad at a party last night, which was quite yummy!

So here is how it works…

  • You pick the day you want your meal, click on it
  • Pick out how many servings of the several choices you want
  • The next screen you create and account, or log-in to your existing account
  • Then you pay via credit card.

It is that easy! You can pick-up your meal between 1 & 7 PM on the day you selected.They have a veggie pasta @ $3/serving. My hubby and I could eat that and a salad for $11! A great deal!


Address: Ft. Valley Plaza (Bashas’ Shopping Center)
1000 N. Humphreys, Suite 222
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Phone: (928) 779-2218
Fax: (928) 774-4535
Email Address: Info@FamilyDinners.com
Store Hours: Monday – Saturday
11:00AM to 7:00PM

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