New Feature on FM… These are a few of my fav New Frontiers sale items from 3/18-3/31.

These are the deals I am taking advantage of!

  • Valencia Oranges-.99/ lb
  • Organic Braeburn Apples- .99/lb
  • Cascadian Farms Frozen Organic Veggies- 2 for $5
  • Chino Valley Brown Eggs-$2.59/dozen
  • Derma e Skincare- This is the brand I use and LOVE -%40 off, a smokin’ deal! Cruelty free,too!
  • Aura Cacia (essential oils, oils, aromatherapy) -40% off!
  • Biokleen Cleaners-35% off. There is a coupon on the shelf, too!
  • Grind your own-Organic PB (BYO container) -$2.69/lb
  • Alden’s Organic Ice Cream-$4.99- The chocolate is the best I have ever had. So good and fresh tasting!
  • There is also a coupon on the flyer for BOGO free, live herbs. I got mint and basil!
  • Kiss My Face Kiddos stuff is on sale. My DD uses their lip balm, okay may be eats it is a better description. She loves her “lips”, as she calls it. It is less than $4  for 2 lip balms.

    Everyone complains about NF’s being so expensive, but if you shop the sales, not too shabby! I think their price on Shamrock Farms Organic milk is a great deal. SF is not ultra pasteurized, which I like. the 96oz is $4.19 regularly. Cheaper than Basha’s (unless there is a sale).  I love that the people in the Cheese Department know my child by name, and ask where she is when I am shopping solo! Great Customer Service. I may have the only toddler that eats a chunk of blue cheese out of a cup , that I buy for her to keep her happy while shopping, and calls it ice cream.


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