VERY interesting article

Most articles about BF’ing are pro BF’ing. Not this one! After reading the article, to me it seems like a mother that experiences gulit, trying to justify her actions. I will admit it, I can be a bit judgmental about non BF’ing moms, depending on their reasons. More so those that stay home and CHOSE not to BF. I know one mom, who said she didn’t do it for long, because she “didn’t like people in her personal space”, so what you uterus is public space???? There are very valid reasons for not BF’ing, but most non-BF’ing mom’s still say breast is best. I enjoy BF’ing, it is my special time with my child. That is what boobies are for, at least in my mind. I don’t think FF mom’s are bad people, but to the mother that was concerned with someone invading her personal space, that is what kids do. To me, that is a selfish reason not to BF. Does she give her child (now children )affection?

Formula is made in a lab, it is the essence of processed food. They have found melamine in formula… I cannot see an argument against that… I truly try to feed my child as little processed food as possible, therefore I BF. I realize not everyone sees it the same. But, this article made it seems like BF’ing was like being tied down. What is more convient… pulling out a boob, OR  measuring water, formula, washing bottles,etc. Is formula horrible? Are lunchables? Kraft singles? Insta Mac-n Cheese? That is a personal opinion. I can honestly say my 2 year old child has NEVER had boxed mac-n-cheese, or other stuff like that. I believe preocessed foods are not as good as the real thing, and might be far worse than a lot of people today think, only time will tell.

Her argument about how BF’ing causes an unequal balabnce in teh home was ridiculous. Let’s see a SAHM is OBVIOUSLY going to do more to care for her child. My DH changes diapers, feeds our daughter, etc. He never mixed formula, and well that Totally through of the balance in my house? Get Real! Mom’s usually do more work, get over it. These women seem so selfish. Once you have a child, you give up a lot of things you do for yourself. That is part of being a good parent, being selfless.


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