Why FM thinks ZBB had to close…..

I have received a few e-mails regarding the close of ZBB. I AM NOT in anyway affiliated with ZBB, besides that fact that I have been a loyal customer and have become friends with Jackie and Brittany.

Why I THINK ZBB is closing (note: these are my opinions, and should be taken as such).

  • I am a bit surprised  by Flagstaff. I thought they cared more about things like exposing their children to BPA’s and Parabens. After hearing many mom’s talk about it, well I feel they believe about the dangers of these things , as much as Dubya believes in Global Warming.  I really thought this community was more aware about these things.
  • Despite all of the TALK about supporting Local Business, most people would rather save a buck and buy things at Walmart, Target, or on-line.  Maybe they don’t realize that if we don’t spend our dollars in our community, we will only have Mega Marts one day. Mass produced MIC crapola.
  • People don’t care about the little guy. This is apparent to me. I was in ZBB several times the past few weeks. I cannot tell you how many times I heard people talking to Brittany in ways that I found offensive. Comments like “Can’t you go any lower” like 40% wasn’t low enough…..
  • Local Business aren’t supporting other local businesses. I am a local business owner myself, and I am sometimes amazed that there is not a more tight knit small business community here. Especially moms supporting moms. People are so concerned with promoting themselves and making $$$$$, that they forget to support those around them. Flagstaff is a small community, that has the potential to be a great place for local businesses, but so many fail. Why? Partially because Flagstaff is Poverty with a View. I am not rich, by any means, despite popular belief… I don’t spend my money carelessly. I really think about things before I buy them. If I can get something from a LOCALLY owned retailer, I will. A few dollars more is worth it to me, to keep business and tax dollars in our community. Something I have noticed is that local business either don’t work together, or they promote every business they can. FM is not a business, I do not charge for businesses that I list. I try not to “endorse” more than one business in each catergory, with few exceptions. I have two photography business, which are both great. I think they are so different, that I can do that. I rec two massage places, but again they are so different, I don’t feel they are really competing.  If I mention one locally owned business sells something, you WILL NOT see me mention another local business that carries the same item. By trying to promote everyone, we don’t really support anyone. Know what I mean???
  • ZBB was more expensive, but you get what you pay for. I detest Walmart, for  many reasons. I will have a post on that soon enough! I would rather my child have a few nice thing, than a bunch of MIC crap.

The point here is that locally owned business are in danger during this economy more than ever. Think before you buy. SUPPORT MAIN STREET, NOT WALL STREET.  Local business support OUR community, by giving back.WE should support them, too.


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