A few reasons I despise Walmart….

First off like I mention in a PP, I think that times have REALLY changed the past 50 years, and not always for the better. It used to be that people didn’t just buy whatever that wanted, on a whim. Things were made in the US of A, and were more expensive, as American workers made a decent wage. Have you seen what people in China make somewhere around .25 CENTS per HOUR!

Fact:  Wal-Mart’s Indentured Servants: Wal-Mart has been in China for over a decade and is the largest importer into the U.S. of goods made in China.  Kathie Lee handbags were made for Wal-Mart in China by workers forced to work 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week, with one day off a month, for an average wage of three cents an hour.  However, many of the workers–in one sample, 46 percent of them–earned nothing at all after having worked three to four months making Wal-Mart handbags and in fact even owed money to the company.  They were housed 16 to a small dorm room and fed two dismal company meals a day.  Their identification documents were confiscated and they were allowed outside the factory for at most 1 ½ hours a day.  Many did not even have the bus fare to leave to look for other work, and when they protested the grueling mandatory overtime work for literally pennies an hour, or nothing at all, 800 workers were fired.

Now, surely the Wal-Mart case of indentured servitude is at one extreme, and while it is true that Wal-Mart is usually found in a country’s worst factories, and is the worst sweatshop abuser in the world today, still, how can we be sure that there are not other such factories across China, hundreds or even thousands of them, producing goods for export to the U.S. under similar conditions?  It is unlikely that this factory is completely unique.  But the North American companies continue to hide their production locations across China, refusing to even release to the American people the names and addresses of the factories they use in China to make the goods we purchase.  Until the U.S. companies come clean and stop hiding their production in China, we can only assume that there are many more such cases of indentured servitude in factories producing for U.S. companies.

This information was C&P’d from theNational Labor Commitee, I hope they can appreciate that I am trying to spread the word, and that I am thankful for the info!

I would be willing to pay more for things, made in the USA. I would probably have less stuff, and I am really trying to cut down on my stuff!

People used to window-shop, and SAVE money for major purchases. People didn’t use credit cards much at all in the 1950’s. They had less stuff, but appreciated it more. They VALUED a dollar! We are so removed from money now. We don’t appreciate it. We as a country, even at our worst have far more than most. People had budgets, and stuck to them.

Places like Walmart have made goods so cheap, that people want more. More stuff, for less money! Yet, they don’t appreciate what they do have. When will enough be enough??? But, the cost of that item to the human beings making stuff in China, and to American workers that have no jobs, because Chinese labor is so much cheaper is HUGE! Look at how the world has changed since it has been Walmartized. Is it for the better???????????????? I think not. I really try to buy stuff made in the US, or at the very least made overseas by a responsible company (like PLAN Toys).  Think about it, is it really worth it????? Just google Walmart, and see that they don’t premote women and minorities the way they should. They violate workers rights, for money. They don’t pay their workers medical bills, again money.

Can you tell I HATE WALMART???????????????????????????


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