FM is in love with Plan Toys Plan City.

I really want these for my DD in the near future…. Maybe with the money I will make selling stuff on CL, I can justify buying some stuff. I love the City Station, Road and Rail Adventure Set, Airport, and a few other items. I really love these, so cool. Best of all, no plastic or batteries! The R& R Adventure set is so cool, but it is $180. I love the Chalet Dollhouse, and maybe G-ma could help us buy it for our DD. I will get her the Chalet Dollhouse for sure, DH really likes it, too! It is $125-$160 fully furnished.My PT wish list must be $400 worth of stuff, so it isn’t all gonna happen! I do have the tree house, retails for $80, but I got it for $34 when had a crazy sale. I got it for less than wholesale! It is in a closet til DD is older.

For those not in the know, PLAN Toys are made from reclaimed rubberwood, and they are painted with non-toxic veggie dyes. This company is really “green”, and their safety record is great. I have the play kitchen, and a few small toys. They are superb toys!


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