Denny’s does it again!!!!

Here is a link to the full story

“On Sunday, February 8, 2009, a mother visiting a Denny’s restaurant in Asheville, NC was asked to cover herself or leave the restaurant while breastfeeding her child. When she quoted NC law and continued to breastfeed, the police were called and she was threatened with arrest.”

This quote was borrowed from First Right, their link is above. I figured they wouldn’t mind, since I am trying to spread the word!

Wow, and Asheville is quite liberal, one of the most liberal cities in the South. Call, write, e-mail. Just let them know that BF’infg is natural and beautiful, and since they don’t offer a “Moon’s Over my Booby” on the menu, we have the right to feed our children, they way mother nature intended.

I don’t eat at Denny’s unless I am on a road trip, so every few years, maybe. I will now be lookin’ for an IHOP on my next 8 hour plus road trip!


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