Convenience is making Americans fat and unhealthy, there I said it.

People in the 50’s ate  steak ,potatoes, etc. Yet, even with our low fat foods, we are way fatter! Why?

Some reasons

~We exercise less! As a kid I played outside, a lot. I played video games and watched TV, but a lot less than kids today!

~In the 50’s mom’s baked cookies, as a treat. They didn’t pick-up a bag at the . store whenever she or her family felt like cookies. Store bought food is less healthy than homemade, even cookies!

~ Mac-n-Cheese. Once cooked at home, now from a box, or worse a microwave bag thingy. I make Mac-n Cheese from scratch, it really isn’t hard!

~Snack foods. People used to give their kids apples, carrots,etc. Now kids only eat these foods dipped (Ketchup, Ranch,etc ). My DD has never had ketchup, that I can recall. Really.

~ Portions. This is a big one (pun intended). We eat more. More, more, more.

Next Post, why suburbs suck. Also, why the world in the 50’s was in some ways so much better. And I tend to have feminist ideals…


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