Octuplet Mom WTF!?!?!?

I think this chick is a whack job, there I said it…. She is a freaking loon. She lives with her parents in a tiny home with her parents and her six other IVF kids. She is divorced, as are her parents…. She CHOOSES to have eight more. Her mom says “she is obsessed with kids”, no crap.She has hired a PR rep, and is shopping for a deal to be a TV ” Childcare Expert”.She is also considering reality TV, oh the irony. She has NO GRASP on reality herself. She has been unemployed for years, and ironically used to work as a Psychiatric Tech. She needs help from a mental health professional.  All this to get attention, and money. She is using her children to make money, what a horrible person. Those poor kids, all 14 of them.

This chick makes me sick, I mean sick. I want to throw a shoe at her….33 years old and 14 kids under 8 and all as a single mom, by choice. Like the state of California isn’t already broke.  She really needs mental help, and I really hope those kids are cared for in the manner any child deserves, like a gift.


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