Sometimes Celebs have the “Weight of the World Upon Them”

Let me start by saying this was on my YAHOO! homepage, I am not really into celeb gossip. I guess Jessica Simpson gained  few pounds, and her sister stuck up for her. I googled it after I read the article on YAHOO! and man are people mean! BFD, so she gained a few pounds, she’s human. I am not really a  fan of hers, I guess I’m too old! I will say, she is too young for mom jeans…. But about her weight, so what if she isn’t  size 2? If more celebs were  at  healthy weight, as opposed to being too thin, I imagine women and young girls would ‘t have such horrible body issues.  There is nothing wrong with having some meat on your bones! I cannot believe the horrible things that people said, really horrible. Boo to those that judge other human beings so harshly based solely on their appearance. Her weight is fine,although her stylist didn’t do very well with her wardrobe that day!


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