High Fructose Corn Syrup often contains Mercury.

I am very careful about not buying anything with HFCS. It is everywhere, seriously. Have you read your BREAD label lately? I buy Milton’s from Sam’s as it doesn’t have HFCS. I commented a while back about the Corn Industry commercials. Corn just like sugar????? Yeah right! MERCURY IS FOUND IN HFCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “In making HFCS, caustic soda is used, among other things, to separate corn starchfrom the corn kernel. For decades, HFCS has been made using mercury-grade causticsoda produced in industrial chlorine (chlor-alkali) plants. The use of mercury cells to produce caustic soda can contaminate caustic soda, and ultimately HFCS, with mercury.”      Ummmm, sounds so sweet andf yummy…..

Here is the link to the HFCS Mercury connection!

A list of foods tested, and the mercury levels

But to think, some mom’s don’t vac, because of Mercury, but we eat it on a daily basis and don’t even know it. I have said for years, I am not sure vacs are the issue. I was vac’d with many of the same vac’s used today, but I never had Mac& Cheese out of a box. I truly believe the crap we ingest, AKA food, is linked to Autism. Commercially farmed/manufactured meat? Everything out of a box? Convenience is killing us.

HFCS is processed, and I try not to buy many processed foods. I make Mac & Cheese from scratch, not a box. I do buy  Annie’s Bunnies for my DD at NF’s, and things like that. NF’s is the only place I really buy stuff like that. I make applesauce for my DD everyday, with my Magic Bullet. I put an apple, a bit of water or Naked juice, and a touch of Agave if the apples are tart.  I use whatever organic apples are on sale.


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