Rumor has it….

that Right Start (which owns Babystyle and Tiny Ride) is going out of business. This is an ubsubstantiated rumor, but comes from a few sources with some facts to back it up.  I would use any gift cards you have to any of those store, while you can. redirects you to . has been down since last week, according to those in the know.  Just an FYI.

2 thoughts on “Rumor has it….

  1. Right Start does have an interested buyer, rumor within the Calabasas areas suggest as of February 1st the Right Start will either file for bankruptcy or have completed the sale of the company from Hancock Park.

  2. Judith,

    Interesting. I am curious to see how this issue is resolved. I ordered a stroller from Tiny Ride, and was quite satisfied with my purchase. being bought out by and now this. The competition for mass produced baby/toddler items is decreasing….

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