Interesting… The Daily Sun Sustainability tip of the week: Art supplies unkind to kids’ health

Did you know that 36 billion pounds of toxic acrylic polymer solvents, found in many traditional art supplies, are produced each year?

WOW!!!! Not only bad for our children and households, but for the earth as a whole. I will definitely think more about the art supplies I buy for my DD. More reason to buy eco-friendly items for our children!

I just looked up Crayola info, and they use animal fat in their crayons, as do most other brands I would imagine.  Seeing as I don’t eat animals, and use cruelty-free stuff, I would no longer buy traditional crayons anyway. I have nothing against soybean torture, in fact I killed a few at Hiro’s just the other night!

Note: The first paragraph was taken form the Daily Sun.


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